What They Say About Us

Sir Clive Woodward
England National Rugby Coach

I have had first hand experience of this revolutionary Medical System and the team that have created it.

They have treated my lower back which had been causing me severe pain.

After the first session, during which Dr Paleco used the analyst system to “read the pain” and a mixture of the other technologies, the pain was immediately reduced and the back eased.

After the second session, 2 days later, the  back  was free of pain and  I was  able to  train.

I have now completed the third half hour session and I am completely pain free and the back is back to normal.

In my experience, I do not think normal treatments would have worked as effectively.

The system has the advantage as well of being portable and would be ideal for taking on tour.

Claire McCarthy
Irish World Athletics Runner Condition: Achilies Tendon

As a representative of my country in the World Athletic Championships in London in August 2017, I finished in 33rd position from 92 starters in a time of 2 hours 38 minutes and 26 seconds. During the race, I injured my Achilles Tendon with 15 kilometers to go to the finish. Before the finish, I twisted my ankle when I stepped on a marble gutter tile. I finished the race with a lot of pain and the days following my Achilles tendon reacted severely to the injury sustained. I had to take time off training and exercise. Despite several physiotherapy sessions, my tendon remained very swollen and painful. However, I attended Physiotherapist, Alex Wheatman, in Cork in mid-September who treated me with the iMed-Medical Therapy System machine. Acoustic waves, operating at 40 kHz energy level, penetrated deep into my injury without inflicting any pain or heat whatsoever. After the
first session, the swelling decreased dramatically. The following day I underwent two more twenty-minute sessions and later that day I was able to run without any pain. My husband Martin, who is qualified in Sports Injuries, could not believe that after three sessions on the iMed-MTS machine my injury was totally cured. Less than two weeks later I competed in an annual road race over 15 miles and was the first female athlete home in a time of 1 hour 30 minutes and 9 seconds. Out of 746 starters, 8 male athletes finished ahead of me and the second female athlete finished approximately 2 miles behind me in a time of 1:43:18. After the event, my tendon revealed no ill effects whatsoever.

Andy Hughes
Condition: Ham String

I had recently injured my Hamstring to the point where I could not train at all. After a couple of sessions with i-Med I experienced an immediate & dramatic improvement enabling me to start recovery exercises straight away. Within in 3 weeks I was training fully. After having many sporting injuries and using many styles of treatment, I can honestly say this was the quickest and most noticeable recovery I have experienced

Ann B
Condition: Rheumatoid Arthritis iMed Client

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis nearly 30 years ago and have suffered with the symptoms this chronic illness brings – painful, swollen joints with limited mobility and at times a general feeling of unwell.

I started treatment with extremely swollen, painful knees and not feeling well having to struggle to do daily activities.  Following my first treatment of this non-invasive comfortable relaxing treatment I was amazed by the instant noticeable results. My pain was greatly reduced enabling my movement to be free and continuous with a straight stature and gait, something which I have not had for a long time. I feel that this treatment is so new and unique in the way it treats the whole body, not just the areas of concern.

To date this treatment has completely changed my wellbeing and my quality of life is undeniably the best I have had for many years.

I highly recommend this treatment for anyone with pain or mobility issues. It has given me a whole new lease of life.

Condition: Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) iMed Client

After the treatment I initially felt some pain relief to touch and to move however as I was leaving the clinic after walking to the car my parents and I all noticed an instant pain decrease and mobility increase causing us all the burst into tears of joy which I am sure made us look mad to the outside world. What happened after this was what really hit me with how this had helped, just after one session. I ended up getting a nasty cold, now while this won’t sound much to the average person a cold makes people’s muscles ache. Well imagine a cold on top of muscles that already ache from the time I wake up to the time I sleep. A cold would usually knock me for six. The first day appeared as normal a day spent feeling sorry for myself and in extreme pain, however the next day I didn’t ache and hurt as much I even went into work. I ended up giving my parents a scare as never have I only been in bed for one day with a cold due to the pain my hips are usually in.

Subsequently since having my second treatment with the team I was able to reap the immediate benefits which have included significant pain relief and increased movement which is something I have been unable to remember since being a child these include being able to touch my hips, put my own shoes and socks on and start to walk with less discomfort while these may seem like small trivial things to your average person, to a 27 year old who has had been in pain there whole life this is somewhat of a miracle.

John Ross
Condition: Lower Back Pain

Initially there appeared to be little, if any improvement. Indeed, immediately following each session I actually felt more pain although this subsided the following day. However, after about a week after my sessions ceased I started to feel an improvement and it is fair to say that my back today has not felt this good for a long time. I would have emailed you earlier but I did not want to tempt fate! However, I feel the improvement has been sustained for a sufficiently long period for me to now send this email. I am most grateful to you and Michael.

Lillian Moshe
Condition: Lower Back Pain

Although I was somewhat sceptical at first, after my first treatment I was amazed by the result. I did get some relief from the pain and for the first time in many years I slept through the night and felt more relaxed the following day when I was able to manage a fairly rigorous exercise regime pain free.

I have had a number of treatments now and the effects have been just as beneficial.

I plan to have keep up the treatments as I believe that through further treatments I will be able to manage the pain and stave off surgery for as long as possible.

I have been so impressed that I have been recommending this treatment to all my friends and family who have injuries or are also experiencing pain.

David Wallace
Condition: Neck Injury

While playing in a charity Rugby match (England vs Ireland) I was unfortunate enough to injure my neck. I collided with another player’s chest with the top of my head and received a stinger due to the compression effect.

As a result in the coming days I had a lot of  muscle tension and spasm in my neck/shoulder area as well as neural pain down into my arm and fingers.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get treated with the MTS the following week and it gave me an incredible amount of relief.

Directly after the treatment the majority of muscle tension in shoulder and neck had eased and as a result I was able to stretch out my neck/shoulder muscles, that had been in spasm, which provided massive relief and no doubt sped up my recovery no end.

Mike Harwood
Condition: Lower Back Pain

Thanks for last weeks treatment, My back is really great now.It was a bit funny the day after the treatment but it’s amazing the freedom now…..

Steve Hing
Condition: Lower Back Pain

As you know I have a physical job and like to play golf, I injured my back (my own fault) I rested it for a couple of weeks, realised the problem was not going to go away and had 8 treatments of physio over a four week period and was struggling ( spasms and back locking), then a friend of mine suggested that I come to see you.  I had 3 treatments on your fantastic piece of equipment and within 2 weeks the problem had completely gone away.

Ms S Nicholaou
Condition: Lyme Disease

Living with a chronic illness can be very debilitating, treatments that will allow me to avoid taking pain control mediation are helpful, as I rely mainly on pharmaceutical drugs to ease aches and pain. I have many associated side effects with prescribed drugs.
To my surprise after using the Medical Therapy System a couple of times,  it helped reduce my pain and I did not need to use prescribed drugs nearly a week.