Why Choose iMed Medical?

iMed Medical are committed to delivering the safest, most effective, cutting edge electro-therapy treatments to the world. We are leading the field in non-invasive pain management, chronic pain reduction supporting injury prevention, sports performance and rehabilitation.

We have made ground breaking progress in neuro and musculoskeletal treatments reducing recovery times and being able to effectively treat debilitating conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

With continued research and professional development through our clinical trials programs and work with leading sports clubs, medical facilities and physiotherapist practices; iMed Medical will continue to provide the very best in state of the art Electro-Therapy that improves quality of life and sets the standard in pain management.

For more information on our MTS device or to arrange a demonstration please contact our sales team on 01494 257475 or email sales@imedgroup.co.uk

iMed Group International

iMed Group International is the holding company for a group of specialist companies that provide innovative and cutting-edge products, technologies and solutions in the fields of anti-ageing, non-surgical aesthetics, neuro and musculoskeletal pain management and sports performance.

Together with our partners, we are experts and pioneers in these fields and collectively we are able to provide the ultimate in anti-ageing, pain management and quality of life solutions.

iMed Group International holds the World-wide Distribution Rights for the MTS system. To find out more about becoming a sub-distributor or a sales agent  please contact our sales team on 01494 257475 or email sales@imedgroup.co.uk